Where Baich Consulting exceeds expectations


Laying the foundation for effective analysis, Baich Consulting utilizes star schema relationships to establish a solid data model. Our Architect reviews all reports with the utmost caution to ensure appropriate data representation. This allows your company to have effective decision making based on your data for all stakeholders.


With our creative director leading us on design innovation, Baich Consulting offers stunning canvases bringing your reports to life with insightful visualizations. We highlight your company’s identity in reports and ensure your branding is used appropriately and efficiently.


You don’t have to be a Power BI expert to use
our services. Baich Consulting offers training
to all clients so you can present your data with
confidence. Let us be the guiding light for your company on the path to safe reporting.

Our Team

Becca Goodman

Power BI Developer

Mark Baich

Expert Power BI Architect
Owner of Baich Consulting

Danielle Allie

Power BI Developer
Creative Director

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